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Own Your Native Opencart Mobile Apps

Our app support all the Opencart version. Get your branded mobile apps!


You can do customization with your app as you own the source code. We can also help you with customization upon few extra charges.

100% source code

Total transparency over source code for both IOS and Android apps. You can own the source code too.

Own your branded app

You can upload your own logo, banner, splash screen, texts, colour scheme etc. If not we can help you with our default theme.

Native app

With all the features of modern ecommerce website, your customers can experience quick, seamless connect with your branded Native Mobile app. Elaborate planning and several processes come together to form a balanced app. They are faster and more efficient, as they work in sync with the mobile device they are developed for. Native Apps are assured of quality, as users can access them only via app stores online.


Native App will work in complete sync between your online store sales and App sales. A Native App is an app developed essentially for one particular mobile device and is installed directly onto the device itself. Therefore you can keep back-ups and stay organised with your inventory, orders, product details, shipping rates or any other details from your OpenCart ecommerce back-end itself. Our simple and secure software will ensure that you never lose your files, transaction details and other important data.


Our apps are completely customizable to suit customer needs. Our ready to use apps are made keeping in mind to give advanced professional feel. As native apps are totally compatible with the device’s hardware and native features of the mobile device, customers can develop several updates for their app in time to time for their users. We do customization if client demand’s upon hourly charges.

Multi lingual

We have developed the app with English as default language. Other languages can be added to improve the performance and feel of the apps. To build multilingual apps we need to collect the texts into resource files and translate them. We also support RTL and other less famous local languages so that you can provide support for different locales all over the world. . Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they are presented with their local language.

Multi currencies

To give our apps the capability of global usage, multiple currencies are supported by the platform. It can be easily edited, modified from the back end panel. Support currencies used by 236 countries and regions. This will maximize international sales, shopper-friendliness, and localized user experience on your mobile app. The Multi-Currency Converter is built to help you reach customers globally with localized price display.


To give secured payment facility we have installed PayPal by default. Other payment gateways can be added to improve local sales, performance and feel of the apps. Several online payment platforms have emerged over the past few years making it easy to pay securely and in real time from our smartphones. Using mobile payments is a convenient way for consumers and makes the vendor look super tech savvy. It’s a trend that has caught on most of the developing countries but is slowly becoming mainstream all over the world.




All- inclusive, Straightforward,Light pricing.

  • Native app
  • Homepage banner slider
  • Homepage category images
  • New arrivals
  • Deal of the day
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Registration
  • Login
  • Wish list
  • Add to cart
  • Cash on delivery
  • Free check out
  • Flat rate shipping method
  • Weight based shipping method
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi currencies
  • Your brand logo, splash screen
  • App store submission
  • Search option
  • Options and filters
  • Product ratings/Reviews
  • My account
  • My orders
  • Coupons
  • Gift vouchers
  • Rewards
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Special prices
  • Source code

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